Kathryn Olivarius
Olivarius: Penicillin and condoms

As I sat in my last class at Yale on Wednesday morning, a classmate gave a presentation on Samuel Pepys, a famous English diarist from […]

Olivarius: Suffocating the death penalty

The international community is currently sanctioning a country for violating human rights. Sanctions are nothing new. What’s new is that the country being sanctioned is […]

Olivarius: Kids, don’t get down too soon

Nobody had heard of Rebecca Black before this week. Now, she is more Internet-popular than Charlie Sheen. “Friday” has millions of hits on YouTube (perhaps […]

Olivarius: It’s time for more Ms. Managers

Positive discrimination” has been a hot topic in the UK lately. Cranfield School of Management found that women accounted for just 12.2 percent of directors […]

OPINION | Olivarius: Bieber’s abortion comments are not benign

Sixteen-year-old tween-heartthrob Justin Bieber said in an interview this week with Rolling Stone, “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby?” (Yes, […]

Olivarius: Rejecting the Hollywood standard

This month in Redbook, “The Office” star Jenna Fischer talked about weight fluctuations in Hollywood. She said, “In a normal job, if you gain or […]

Olivarius: Digitizing history

Something cool happened to me this week. I was working on my senior essay about rural antebellum Mississippi when I found a digitized lease agreement […]

Olivarius: Make way for the modern monarch

On her 21st birthday in 1947, George VI’s daughter and the future Queen Elizabeth II said to the peoples of the British Commonwealth and Empire […]

Olivarius: Digital dud

On Wednesday, a dozen celebrities went “digitally dead” (no Twitter, no Facebook) until their collective fans donated $1 million (with a $10 individual minimum) to […]

Olivarius: Hayes verdict sets a sinister precedent

On Monday, jurors in state Superior Court in New Haven voted unanimously to sentence Steven Hayes to death, after finding him guilty last month of […]

Olivarius: Back off, faux feminists

In writing about the upcoming midterm elections, pundits have called 2010 “the Year of Women.” They point to the candidacies of Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, […]