Kathryn Olivarius
Olivarius: Forget Facebook — dive into your Ancestry

Campus has been abuzz with conversation about “The Social Network,” Facebook’s cinematic creation story. The movie highlights how quickly and how closely connected we have […]

Olivarius: On femme fatales

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the impending execution of Teresa Lewis, the first woman set to be executed by Virginia in almost 100 years. […]

Olivarius: Our insane law

The year 1541 was difficult for King Henry VIII. He was getting older and fatter and increasingly nervous that he had only one frail son. […]

Olivarius: Welcome to the ‘Real World’

Last weekend, the Emmys honored the best and brightest of 2010 television. “Mad Men,” ”True Blood” and “Modern Family” cleaned up. With 13.5 million viewers, […]

Olivarius: Missing the sext

Imagine this scenario: an 18-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl have been dating for two and a half years. They are in love, and on […]

Olivarius: Showing a world of kings

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was my childhood obsession. In middle school, my sister and I owned all the box sets and memorized episodes word for […]

Olivarius: The greatness of Gaga

Over spring break, my mini-feed was abuzz with Yalies posting Lady Gaga’s latest music video “Telephone” featuring Beyonce. Comments like “have you seen this yet????!,” […]

Olivarius: Fame and infidelity

On Friday, Tiger Woods gave a 14-minute-long press conference, apologizing to his friends, family, associates and America, for his sexual transgressions. The apology was heartfelt, […]

Olivarius: A pregnant pause

Once upon a time, sex was taboo. It certainly happened, but you didn’t talk about it. The pill didn’t exist; condoms were hard to get […]

Olivarius: Kate Moss was right

Kate Moss is one of my heroes. Not because she is a total babe or a successful career woman, but because she is honest. When […]

Celebs make teen pregnancy seem oh-so-hip

Early on a January evening, I sat around my kitchen table with friends, sipping tea and reading magazines. It felt somewhat luxurious to revel in […]