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New Red Cross data protection guide has a Yale connection

Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs lecturer Nathaniel Raymond and his colleagues launched a guide earlier this month detailing how to ensure data and privacy […]

Professors weigh in on pursuing summer internships during COVID-19

Many summer opportunities have been cancelled or put on hold, but what do Yale experts think students should consider if their summer plans are set […]

Yale engineers invent water purification device

Mangrove trees are like no other — they can remove salt from seawater using a complex filtration system, much like the best filtration system for […]

Researchers link extraterrestrial impact to last mass extinction

Yale scientists have linked a 66-million-year-old crater in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula to the last mass extinction, debunking a long-held theory that volcanoes instigated the extermination. […]

Portable MRI device in testing at Yale

Yale New Haven Hospital is testing a portable MRI system to increase accessibility and reduce cost. The device, developed by YNHH doctors and Connecticut-based company […]

Pediatrician turned showrunner uses storytelling to promote social change

At a Trumbull College Tea on Tuesday, pediatrician, screenwriter and television producer Neal Baer chronicled his career journey — from a doctor to a showrunner […]

Panel discusses cadaver dissections

On Wednesday evening, the Yale Center for British Art hosted a panel discussion called “Revealing the Invisible.” The event explored the prevalence of this theme […]

Two first years establish robotics program for middle schoolers

Two first years, Pranav Avasarala ’22 and Andonny Garcia ’22, have co-founded Yale Funbotics, an extracurricular organization that seeks to expose underrepresented middle school students […]

Katherine Du
Yale Med student creates podcast about health disparities

Yale School of Medicine student Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako MED ’20 has produced a podcast series titled “Flip the Script” to educate listeners on the […]

Prof speaks on medicine during the slave trade

On Thursday evening, Carolyn Roberts, assistant professor of history of medicine, spoke about medicine in the slave trade to an audience of about 30 students […]

Gene linked to HIV latency

Historically, HIV research has focused on how antiviral proteins block infection. But there remains a lack of understanding in how these proteins behave when the […]