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Clinton and Bulldogs accomplish equally important feats

In a phenomenal turn of events, Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 and the Yale football team both triumphed in a historic two-week span for the University.

BAIZE: Cyber-wombs and emotional firebombs

Between scenes, John Coltrane’s discordant “Ascension” echoes throughout the theatre. It is a fitting choice for this cast. They wrench and squeeze, from a flawed text, a world of undeniable emotion. The humanity of the characters fleshes out beyond the cardboard caricatures Quiara Alegría Hudes created.

BAIZE: The times they are a-changin’

When the Swedish Academy announced on Oct. 13 that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize in Literature, whole swathes of the terminally useless literati rent their turtleneck sweaters and gnashed their pretentious teeth in amusing frustration. Yet by awarding Dylan his much-deserved Nobel Prize, the Academy expanded the world’s understanding of what constitutes literature.

Louise Glück wins National Humanities Medal

Turning away briefly from his administrative responsibilities to appreciate contemporary art, President Barack Obama awarded one of this year’s 12 National Humanities Medals to poet and Yale English professor Louise Glück on Sept. 22.

The Artistic Environment of Maya Lin

“My work has always been about the environment,” Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’89 noted in a lecture given at the Yale University Art Gallery on […]

Pasternak, Painting, and Purpose

The utility of art remains a thorny question. Is art purely aesthetic, or should it interact with the world beyond the colonnaded confines of marble […]

Weiner: Is He a Dick?

There is hardly a figure in modern American politics more complex than Anthony Weiner. He is simultaneously charismatic, nauseating, poised, unhinged, fearless, cowardly, sincere and […]

Art with a Punch: satire and the self at Giampietro

Self-portraits are often some of the most penetrating and dynamic pieces an artist produces. From those of Dürer, microscopically detailed, to those of Van Gogh, […]