Jacob Leibenluft
Debate begins on downtown

An extensive plan to bring Gateway Community College and Long Wharf Theatre downtown faces a series of tests in the coming weeks, as City Hall […]

Miranda LAW ’07 pins down bronze

Before she went to Athens last month, Patricia Miranda LAW ’07 already had a resume impressive enough to get her into Yale Law School. Today, […]

National election not concerned with Conn.

This fall, the election many New Haven voters care about most may be one in which they have little impact. Although Elm City voters are […]

Miranda LAW ’07 wins women’s wrestling bronze

Patricia Miranda LAW ’07 won a bronze medal in women’s wrestling Monday, becoming the first-ever Olympic medalist in the new event. Miranda, who was considered […]

Gov. Rowland announces resignation

Gov. John G. Rowland announced his resignation Monday night, bringing an end to almost ten years as the chief executive of Connecticut and six months […]

Officials announce $230 million project

State and city officials announced Thursday they had reached an agreement to fund a $230 million project that will move the city’s community college and […]

Rowland investigation continues

As the Connecticut General Assembly works to finish its usual legislative business before next week, members of a committee investigating Gov. John G. Rowland are […]

City is funded to fight terror

New Haven moved one step closer this week to receiving $9.5 million from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — money that, according to one […]

Surplus might bypass the city

Following years of fiscal shortfalls, state lawmakers finally have some optimistic news — indications that the state will actually run a surplus this year. But […]

City economy slowly mends

Mirroring a state and national economy that has yet to fully recover from the 2001 recession, New Haven’s economic situation is slowly improving, analysts and […]

Fair share coalition presses for payment

Demanding a greater contribution from Yale to local government, a group of students announced the formation of the New Haven Student Fair Share Coalition Thursday […]