Jacob Leibenluft
Leibenluft: Exploring the great mystery of the News

One of the greatest mysteries surrounding the Yale Daily News is surely this: How, for 130 years, have generations of Yalies been convinced to spend […]

Colleges vie for low-income students

When Harvard revealed last month that it would significantly expand its financial aid next year, administrators at Yale and several other Ivies did not just […]

Among admits, a search for singular Elis

Just less than one quarter of students in the Class of 2009 were the only graduates from their high schools to enter Yale in the […]

Coffin’s legacy shows evolution of activism

Shortly after the Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr. ’49 DIV ’56 returned home to New Haven from Alabama in 1961, he received a letter marked […]

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After weeks of apparent success in combating a spike in street crime that began last fall, four robberies this week offered the first serious test […]

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Gary Fencik ’76 did not know what he was getting into in the fall of 1985. The Chicago Bears’ All-Pro safety had been asked by […]

100 years of modern football

By the time the 1905 Harvard-Yale game ended, American football was in a state of crisis. At Yale and Harvard, the game was as popular […]

Election turned on strategy

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. As Nick Shalek ’05 decided during the summer whether to run for Ward […]

Alito was quiet scholar

Among his former classmates, there is almost universal agreement on what Samuel Alito LAW ’75 was not when he attended Yale Law School. He was […]

Will India Buy Yale?

It doesn’t have Yale’s international reach — virtually every student at the school is Indian-born and raised. But it does have one thing: the Yale […]

Zoning details may affect development

A little-noticed amendment that passed the New Haven Board of Aldermen last month may have political implications for development projects undertaken by Yale and other […]