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TRIPP: The climate of our era

Almost three weeks ago on Thursday, Sept. 24, I attended an event for Yale Forward, the pro-divestment campaign to elect climate activist and policy advisor […]

Letters of rec connect students, profs

Despite rising skepticism, Yale community members continue to defend letters of recommendation as an appropriate form of character testimony to contextualize an applicant. The vast […]

Diplomats debate Syria

At a William F. Buckley, Jr. Program event, which was advertised as a debate over President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria, […]

Zheng Zhang
TRIPP: Our shared humanity

Three weeks ago on Veterans Day, I was walking by Harkness Hall on my way to Sterling Library before English class and found sprawling before […]

New Yorker editor critiques student work

In his introduction of Henry Finder ’86, English professor Fred Strebeigh recalled that when author Malcolm Gladwell was asked how he gets ideas for his […]

Anything Can Happen

Let me preface this by saying, in the interests of journalistic objectivity, that I lie sometimes. I lie when I represent politics as anything other […]

Marlena Raines
Snyder’s books put the present in perspective

Today’s political climate faces new threats, similar to those under the totalitarianism of the twentieth century, history professor Timothy Snyder wrote in his best seller […]

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Panel celebrates Strebeigh ’74

For decades, English professor Fred Strebeigh ’74 has taught how to write nonfiction and helped cultivate a generation of journalists from Yale. On Wednesday, a […]

Swastika appears on Law School steps

Late Saturday night — between the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — anti-Semitic graffiti appeared on the steps of the […]

Bass reopens, unveils first Model Research Collection

Complete with free tote bags and refreshments, Bass Library officially reopened on Tuesday and unveiled the first Model Research Collection — which includes shelves filled […]

Divinity School introduces new programs

This year the Yale Divinity School introduced three new unorthodox academic programs, aiming to expand the its scope of religious study as well as its […]