Jack Newsham
Makeshift tombstone marks end of Safety Dance

If you’re mourning the end of Safety Dance, you’re not alone. Students enacted an impromptu cardboard tombstone on Cross Campus on Friday, memorializing the 1980s-themed […]

NEWSHAM: The Palestine paradox

It’s not often that the Israeli government and Hamas agree on something. Sure, each has sought to assassinate members of the other, neither of them […]

NEWSHAM: Dreams and nightmares

We are the members of what they call “the 9/11 generation.” The attacks of September 11 will be to our generation, they say, what Pearl […]

NEWSHAM: Guantanamo diaries

Next week, Dick Cheney is releasing a memoir from his years as vice president, and he has promised that it will result in “heads exploding” […]

Newsham: The pro-life rhetoric devolves

The pro-life movement has become a hot topic these past few weeks. Since Republicans took the House, promising jobs and growth, pro-choice groups have been […]

OPINION | Revisiting the Democrats

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column detailing my frustrations with the Democratic Party. I wrote how I was tired of its lack of […]

Newsham: A selfish intervention

From the start of our intervention in Libya, critics from across the political spectrum have lambasted American involvement in what is now recognized as a […]

OPINION | Libya: Lies, Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: with broad political support, a president attacks an Arab country, citing a “humanitarian” goal. Detractors are heartless, […]

Newsham: Compromising on our identity

I’m a Democrat. I’m a Leftist. And I’m torn. I really shouldn’t be. Though the Democratic Party and the principles of the Left seem to […]

OPINION | On politics at the Oscars

I’m not usually one to get excited about the Oscars, but this Sunday, having little better to do, I decided to catch the tail end […]

Newsham: Hedging our Middle Eastern bets

The year 1848 was a year of revolution for the countries of Western Europe. France, Germany, Italy and the Habsburg Empire all experienced revolts for […]