Jack Newsham
OPINION | Newsham: Cybermelee

It isn’t without a touch of amusement that I’ve been watching the recent developments in the all-out digital war that has grown over the past […]

Newsham: Gypped by the gipper

This past Sunday marked the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, a day all the more festive for its coincidence with the Super Bowl. The NFL […]

Newsham: It’s time for us to privatize the air

As many of my readers would be able to surmise, it’s not often the case that I am in agreement with Ludwig von Mises, one […]

Newsham: Toward a political literacy

It’s not often that literacy rates make headlines. And why should they? The United States has a literacy rate of 99 percent, as do 26 […]

Newsham: Ease up on the pat-downs

Critics from across the political spectrum have recently turned their ire against the Transportation Security Administration. Its use of full body scanners (labeled by its […]

Newsham: Make the DREAM a reality

The lame-duck session of Congress started Monday, and the months to follow will not be pretty. Thanks to the gridlock facing the Senate since early […]

Newsham: History is judging

After taking a “shellackin’” at the polls on Nov. 2, President Obama and his Democratic Congressional allies have been laying low. Meanwhile, Republicans, confident after […]

Newsham: Republicans will keep killing bipartisanship

Bipartisanship is dead. For the time being, at least. It really shouldn’t be. In fact, Democrats have done a lot to try to keep it […]

Newsham: Tea party, liberals thank you

Like most Democrats, I was obviously disheartened watching election results unfold Tuesday evening. Even though I knew it was coming, it still hurt to read […]

Did Banksy tag Yale?

Did Yale get a visit from Banksy? A two-part graffito was stenciled between Dunham Lab and Leet-Oliver Memorial sometime between Thursday and Friday last week. […]

Newsham: Pledging to disappoint

Last Thursday, the Republican House leadership released their 21-page “Pledge to America,” a document containing more rhetorical flourishes and safe sentiments to “uphold the purpose […]