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Study identifies mutation for rare infant brain disease

A recent Yale study has identified the gene mutation for Vein of Galen malformation (VOGM) — a type of rare blood vessel abnormality inside the […]

Astrobiologist discusses ethics of Mars exploration

On Wednesday afternoon, the Yale Astronomy and Astrophysics Colloquium hosted Lucianne Walkowicz, the Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress chair in astrobiology, for a talk […]

New state panel to boost local tourism

State Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz announced the formation of a new state panel to promote tourism at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce in […]

Historian analyzes origins of opioid crisis

Benjamin Siegel, a professor of history at Boston University, visited Yale on Friday to discuss the sociopolitical and agricultural origins of the opioid crisis, focusing […]

Ketamine finds use in depression treatment

In the late 1990s, Yale researchers found that ketamine — commonly used as an anesthetic drug and as a popular recreational drug — possesses antidepressant […]

Study sheds light on cocaine addiction

For decades, the nation has struggled to combat cocaine addiction, leading many cities, including New Haven, to declare public health emergencies in the past. In […]