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Swensen again Yale’s highest-paid employee

Four of the 22 employees whose compensations were disclosed by Yale work for the investments office.

Yale-NUS boasts global applicant pool

High school seniors in China and Sri Lanka are among the hundreds receiving offers of admission to Yale-NUS College this year, a group which reflects […]

Visiting faculty crucial to Yale-NUS

Visiting professors continue to play an important role at Yale-NUS College as the school inches closer to its intended capacity of 1,000 students and 120 […]

Yale Investments Office offers explanation for managers

In its annual report released earlier this month, the Yale Investments Office noted that while it aims to ensure fair partnerships with its external endowment […]

Divestment debated at Yale-NUS

Earlier this month, students at Yale-NUS College launched Yale-NUS Divest.

Yale-NUS posts 5 percent admit rate

Yale-NUS College announced Wednesday that its acceptance rate for its current class of freshmen was 5 percent.

Investments Office defends manager fees

The Yale Investments Office defended its practice of paying relatively high fees to external managers.

Student government engagement low at Yale-NUS

Student government officers are struggling to justify the effectiveness of their representation.

Yale-NUS students join divestment movement

The divestment movement has spread from New Haven to Singapore.

Capstone at Yale-NUS reflects core of liberal arts

Students in the Class of '17 at Yale-NUS submitted capstones, bringing them one step closer to the college’s inaugural graduation.

Yale-NUS prepares for first commencement

Preparations are underway at Yale-NUS College for the school’s first commencement ceremony.