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First faculty development dean for Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS College appointed economics professor Joanne Roberts as its inaugural associate dean for faculty development.

Yale-NUS names second president from within

The college named history professor and executive vice president for academic affairs Tan Tai Yong as its new president.

Yale affirms support for undocumented students

Amid concerns regarding potential changes to immigration laws under the Trump administration, Yale administrators remain steadfast in their support for international and undocumented students. Since […]

Prison divestment talks proceed

Advocates for Yale’s divestment from the private prison industry met with members of the University’s Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility Tuesday.

Library adds classroom space with new donation

The Yale University Library announced plans to add a new classroom in the Sterling Memorial Library’s Manuscripts and Archives wing.

Innovation center established

Last Wednesday, Yale announced a plan to build the Center for Innovative Thinking, a University-wide hub that promotes innovation through workshops and skills-based classes.

Salovey announces renaming protocols, taskforce for Calhoun

The debate over the name of Calhoun College will be settled in the next three months, according to a Friday email from University President Peter Salovey.

Stephen Schwarzman ’69 to advise Trump

Schwarzman will chair Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which consists of sixteen executives from prominent firms like Walt Disney, JP Morgan, IBM and General Electric.

Salovey announces renaming protocols, Calhoun taskforce

University President Peter Salovey announced new protocols for renaming decisions in an email on Friday morning.

Books moved for more study space

The opening of the two new residential colleges is not the only change coming to Prospect Street next fall.

Yale pension funds under pressure

Yale has begun to take steps to address the adverse impact a low interest rate environment will have on retirement benefits for its employees.