Iris Tsouris
Staff Reporter
Iris Tsouris writes for WKND. Originally from Atlanta, she is a first-year in Davenport College interested in architectural analysis.
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Roped in at Jordan’s

The world’s largest indoor ropes course, “It,” is tucked away inside a Jordan’s Furniture in Long Wharf, New Haven. Its entrance is like a portal, […]

STRANGERS: An Hour with Mela Johnson ‘25

Mela Johnson ’25 sat like a bird, perched on the edge of the burnt-orange sofa in our suite’s common room. We had been listening to […]

The Return of the Skateboard

I hear them everywhere, from the Egyptology Reading Room, where I study, to the Cross Campus picnic blanket, where I nap. It is spring, and […]

Swiss Room

It was a small, opulent room, guarded by a heavy, medieval door on the second floor of Berkeley College, entryway C. Its mahogany ceiling was […]

Yale’s Naked Truth

Bass Library. 11 p.m. It is the last day of reading week, and a sea of bodies — clad in just running shoes and face […]

STRANGERS: Yale’s Own “Unicow” RJ Hakes ’22

*trigger warning, mention of death I first met RJ Hakes ’22, an Eli Whitney student, in the Berkeley common room, typing away furiously at his […]

Cry Corners

Iris Tsouris It is Thursday, and I am once again at Commons, crying into my bowl of Pasta e Basta. If you prefer to cry […]

Strangers: Dancing with Molly Smith ‘25

Molly Smith was going to find the Grand Theft Auto V strip club at any cost. It did not matter that she had a slew […]

Yale Health Horror Stories

As spooky season falls upon us, WKND asked readers to share their spookiest personal stories… their experiences with Yale Health. Iris Tsouris: The greatest threat […]

Meet Yale’s Newest Social Club: The Council of Davids

Illustration by Ariane de Gennaro