Hyerim Bianca Nam
Staff Columnist
Hyerim Bianca Nam is a senior in Saybrook College. Her column 'Dear Woman' will culminate in a composite exposition of womanhood at Yale. Contact her at hyerim.nam@yale.edu.
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NAM: The Standardization of Humor

Viral jokes are the latest chapter in humor’s illustrious history. It’s a tradition that dates back to radios, television, newspapers, village rumor mills and traveling traders or entertainers. But today’s scope of virality is unmatched.

NAM: Abort the Conversation

We love to be creatures of logic. Somewhere in middle school, and increasingly more as we climbed through high school and into college, we started […]

NAM: Faith in our stars

For someone who came into the world as a result of horoscope mapping and shaman consultations, I put very little stock in astrology. The Costar […]

NAM: Those wretched grades

Shopping — the process of selecting our classes for the coming semester that we undergo twice a year at Yale — is something many of […]

NAM: Minding my C’s

Communication is key — the Live, Laugh, Love of interpersonal relationship advice that I used to frame on my metaphorical kitchen wall. Over the years, […]

NAM: Spread your legs like a man

Content warning: This piece contains references to sexual violence. The night was loud and sepia yellow. I lounged by the nightclub entrance, a glowing cigarette […]

NAM: Love Letter To Myself

Normally, people write letters to their future selves so that, after an indiscriminate amount of time, they can read them and reflect on who they […]

NAM: Outrage is the new gold

On Sunday afternoon, I was browsing different news outlets to give myself an end-of-the-week update as to the general state of affairs — and yes, […]

NAM: What the wave carries

These past few years, it has been impossible to miss the enormous hallyu — wave of South Korean culture — that has swept across the […]

NAM:Waiting On the World

When I was in high school, there was nothing I wanted more than to work part-time at a Subway or Chipotle — somewhere with one […]

NAM: We Live in a Metaverse

The first time I can recall observing this must have been during high school, sometime around 2017. I was lazily watching my friend Snapchat her […]