Hyerim Bianca Nam
Staff Columnist
Hyerim Bianca Nam is a sophomore in Saybrook College. Her column 'Moment's Notice' runs on alternate Wednesdays. Contact her at hyerim.nam@yale.edu.
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NAM: Love Letter To Myself

Normally, people write letters to their future selves so that, after an indiscriminate amount of time, they can read them and reflect on who they […]

NAM: Outrage is the new gold

On Sunday afternoon, I was browsing different news outlets to give myself an end-of-the-week update as to the general state of affairs — and yes, […]

NAM: What the wave carries

These past few years, it has been impossible to miss the enormous hallyu — wave of South Korean culture — that has swept across the […]

NAM:Waiting On the World

When I was in high school, there was nothing I wanted more than to work part-time at a Subway or Chipotle — somewhere with one […]

NAM: We Live in a Metaverse

The first time I can recall observing this must have been during high school, sometime around 2017. I was lazily watching my friend Snapchat her […]

NAM: I never said no

Content warning : This essay deals with sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised. *** I never expected this to happen. I didn’t even know it […]

NAM: Make Me Up

When I sit down at my brightly lit desk, it’s never to do schoolwork — that space is reserved for skincare and makeup. Whoever sits […]

NAM: The happy ceiling

One of the reasons I chose Yale was because I believed that it was home to one of the happiest college student bodies. Yet as […]

NAM: Baby Steps Home

During October break, Yale students relaxed, caught up on work and spent time with friends and family. Some went home for a few days of […]

NAM: Mouth of the Cannon

It has been of less surprise than fear and anger that the past year has brought such terrible developments in regards to the ongoing struggle […]

NAM: Body checked

Inclusivity in women’s modeling is officially in. In the United States, when you scroll through ads on social media or walk past store windows, you […]