Hyerim Bianca Nam
Staff Columnist
Hyerim Bianca Nam is a senior in Saybrook College. Her column 'Dear Woman' will culminate in a composite exposition of womanhood at Yale. Contact her at hyerim.nam@yale.edu.
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NAM: We Live in a Metaverse

The first time I can recall observing this must have been during high school, sometime around 2017. I was lazily watching my friend Snapchat her […]

NAM: I never said no

Content warning : This essay deals with sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised. *** I never expected this to happen. I didn’t even know it […]

NAM: Make Me Up

When I sit down at my brightly lit desk, it’s never to do schoolwork — that space is reserved for skincare and makeup. Whoever sits […]

NAM: The happy ceiling

One of the reasons I chose Yale was because I believed that it was home to one of the happiest college student bodies. Yet as […]

NAM: Baby Steps Home

During October break, Yale students relaxed, caught up on work and spent time with friends and family. Some went home for a few days of […]

NAM: Mouth of the Cannon

It has been of less surprise than fear and anger that the past year has brought such terrible developments in regards to the ongoing struggle […]

NAM: Body checked

Inclusivity in women’s modeling is officially in. In the United States, when you scroll through ads on social media or walk past store windows, you […]

NAM: My people

It’s 1 a.m. on a Thursday morning, and faithful to the optimistic spirit of the first weeks of school, there’s a problem set pulled up […]

NAM: “Me” in mental health

One of the most pivotal and — tragically — controversial topics surrounding the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was that of mental health. Two especially […]

NAM: Laughter and the misogyny it hides

His drunk breath fogs the bare inches of air between us. He slurs out vague, sexually connoted invitations over and over again as the girl […]

NAM: Circus mirrors: reflections on race

Bang! … Bang! Bang!  The gunshots rang out, one after another. Horrified, I watched as the Asian man crumpled to the ground, and his wife […]