Giovanna Truong
Staff Illustrator
Giovanna Truong is a staff illustrator for the Yale Daily News. She previously covered the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a staff reporter. She is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College majoring in physics.
Illustrator Archive
GPSS considers accessibility

At a Jan. 30 meeting of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Senator Phil Antinone DIV ’22 challenged GPSS’s claim that their meeting was “open.” […]

Yale researchers weigh in on Australian bushfires

Yale researchers have joined the robust conversation regarding the Australian bushfires — a growing set of blazes that have drawn international statements ranging from climate […]

Yale Today debuts worldwide

Beginning this week, members of the Yale community will find a newsletter from the University’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications — dubbed Yale Today […]

TRUONG: “Allusions” revisited

We all know the feeling: the sinking spiral in the stomach when your professor refers to page 157 expecting you to know what was covered […]

Physics professors eagerly await move to YSB

As professors adjust to the new Yale Science Building, a few members of the Physics Department are eagerly anticipating their impending move to the site, […]

Lukas Flippo
TRUONG: Bring back Gibbs

These days, the conversation at Yale seems to often come back to two topics: naming controversies and science initiatives. With respect to both, Yale has […]

Bioethicists guide researchers in artificial organ studies

The story of life does not end with death, but in some cases, death is where the law ends, according to a new article published […]

New York Japan CineFest comes to Yale

In a darkened Luce Hall, frames showing vibrant animation — like soaring drone shots — danced across the screen as viewers watched a series of […]

Bass to offer textbooks in reserves

On a bright September afternoon, Ari Nagle ’23 stood in the Silliman College courtyard, money in his hand. “I didn’t know who I was looking […]