Giovanna Truong
Giovanna Truong MY '23 was a staff illustrator for the Yale Daily News. She previously covered the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a staff reporter. She earned her bachelor's degree in physics with a certificate in German.
The Subtler Sense

As the former president of not one but two juggling clubs, I am known on this campus for taking my entertainment very seriously. But in […]

“I Definitely Didn’t Plan For This To Happen”: On Finding Love at Yale

Of course, there will be none of the usual festivities this Valentine’s Day: no a cappella performances, Valentoads trips or romantic candlelit dinners. But here […]

Letter 10.29

On Monday, the News published an article by my classmate Caroline Beit ’23 regarding Yale’s handling of the recent COVID-19 cluster and public health in […]

TRUONG: The bubble

My hometown of about 12,000 residents made the front page of the New York Times a couple of Thursdays ago. It wasn’t for something good. […]

Accessibility a ‘mixed bag’ during pandemic

An increasingly virtual world has created a mixed bag for students with disabilities — exacerbating accessibility issues in some cases while simultaneously allowing for more […]

Daniel Zhao
Graduate Student Assembly adapts to remote environment

Despite the challenges of remote operation, the Graduate School Assembly has doubled down over the past six months — continuing to propose new projects and […]

Library offers new mail-to-address service

For the first time, Yale students will be able to check out books from the comfort of their own homes and have them mailed to […]

Chemistry professor Charles Schmuttenmaer dies at 56

Charles A. Schmuttenmaer, a Yale professor of chemistry and pioneer in the field of time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy, died July 26 at the age of 56 […]

Courtesy of Charles Schmuttenmaer
Courtesy of Charles Schmuttenmaer
Physics labs send remote learning kits

Over the summer, physics senior lecturer Sidney Cahn purchased hundreds of pegboards from Home Depots across Connecticut to send lab supplies to remote students enrolled […]

Memes give college students some semblance of society

In the new normal where college campuses are shuttered and leaving one’s home could pose a health hazard to dozens of people, one aspect of […]

Head of College Tina Lu: The Long Winter

For people like Lu who live within a residential college, the emptiness has been especially noticeable. The dining hall, usually a bustling hub, is dark. The rooms, too, are missing their late-night glow from the occasional studying night owl.