DUNCAN: Why are you afraid?

Yalie small talk seems to follow trends depending on where we are in the school year. The current default question is “What did you do […]

DUNCAN: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Yale has many historic traditions — “Bright College Years,” Handsome Dan and The Game to name a few — but not all of Yale’s traditions […]

The Pardoned Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones, reflect on what we’re thankful for and enjoy a little break from school. And who could […]

DUNCAN & OTUZOGLU: Athlete appreciation day

The leaves are falling off of the trees while shirts at Campus Customs have been flying off the shelves. It’s now the season of warm […]

DUNCAN: A permanent solution to Yale’s snail mail

When my best friend moved away to college, we started mailing letters back and forth. I loved reading her adventures in a new and exciting […]