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Wax That Spins, Sounds that Byte

Music is old, old as the Paleolithic pounding of the first stone tools. The song is old, too — a few millennia, or 40. The […]

KREBS: Red, Hot Air

The executive’s order? One culture war, medium rare. The Trump administration’s latest political stunt — an executive order mandating that universities promote “free and open […]

KREBS: With your eyes closed

October 28th, 1956. Elvis Presley, who, just a month earlier, had set the world record for most viewed telecast in TV history, takes the stage […]

KREBS: Caught in the net

You stare at the blank, white page. The cursor blinks. A minute goes by and your screen darkens. The void stares back. Suddenly, your screen […]

KREBS: On (un)dead abusers

What to do with a dead abuser? My high school, an all-boys Jesuit school, seems to be trying to figure that one out. The Jesuit […]

KREBS: From Aleph to us

As a kid, I wanted to be a lot of things. I bet you did, too. From music videos to videos games to game theory […]

KREBS: Life in sepia

Do you ever look back and question your middle-school self’s liberal use of Instagram filters? I can’t be the only one who lived 2010–13 in […]

Stove to Stove

Way past the Peabody and into Prospect Hill, beautiful houses line Whitney Avenue. Open the door to any of these homes and you’ll find a […]

KREBS: Jimi’s wise words

Last Wednesday, as I lay in bed, a sound arose from within my left ear. A sharp hiss, its magnitude increased and increased with vibrato […]

KREBS: Brett’s Gothic Revival

Look up. What do you see? If you’re on campus, it’s probably stone, arches, stained glass or any other calling card of Yale’s favorite architectural […]

Q&A with Ed Askew

A tiple is an instrument with four groups of three strings dating back to the mid-18th century. It has an otherworldly, delicate sound, though. you […]