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Yale boasts unique GHG emission plan

Across the nation, 665 university presidents have committed to eliminating net greenhouse gas emissions from their campuses.

UPDATED: Alums receive Pulitzer Prize

At a Morse College Master’s Tea last January, New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg ’97 told students to “fail as many times” as possible. But […]

Melanoma survivors show risky behavior

Many melanoma survivors forgo sunscreen and use indoor tanning beds after recovering from the disease, according Yale Cancer Center research.

Former Dominican Republic president looks to growth in Latin America

Latin America is becoming increasingly important in the sphere of global politics, according to former President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernández.

Former CIA spokeswoman talks security, politics intersection

Marie Harf addressed a crowd of roughly 50 students at a Davenport College Master’s Tea on Monday.

YCC | Danny Avraham ’15, president

Four months after becoming vice president of the Yale College Council, Danny Avraham ’15 has led the charge against changes to Yale’s grading policy and reorganized the YCC’s internal structure.

Students protest outside grading meeting

Roughly 60 students gathered outside Davies Auditorium this afternoon to protest the proposals of the Yale College Ad-Hoc Committee on Grading, which recommended that Yale […]

Yale unveils Energy Studies program

In an effort to create an academic track that caters to undergraduates interested in the scientific, economic and social impact of energy production, the Yale Climate & Energy Institute unveiled a new Energy Studies program this week.

New Energy Studies program launched

The Yale Climate & Energy Institute announced on Monday that it is accepting applications for a new undergraduate program in Energy Studies that will commence […]

Media attacks duck genitalia research

In the past week, Yale ornithology professor Richard Prum has come under attack from various media outlets for his study of ducks’ sexual anatomy and forced copulation.

Public alarm over climate change grows

Yale researchers have found that Americans are growing increasingly alarmed about climate change.