Roughly 60 students gathered outside Davies Auditorium this afternoon to protest the proposals of the Yale College Ad-Hoc Committee on Grading, which recommended that Yale adopt a 100-point grading scale and suggested a rubric of grade distributions.

The protest was held as faculty members entered the auditorium to vote on the committee’s proposals. Led by Scott Stern ’15, who is a production and design staffer and opinion staff blogger for the News, the group made signs with slogans such as ” Don’t Quantify Us” and “Keep Yale Friendly.” Students split into three groups and stood outside each of the entrances to Davies Auditorium, handing leaflets to faculty members as they entered the building.

Several faculty members, including University President Richard Levin, paused to engage with protesters and read the leaflets.

Protesters left the area at 4:15 p.m. once all faculty members had entered the building.