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ARONSON: For an optional dress code

Obviously, folks dress differently nowadays, but is there any doubt they dress less formally? I think this turn has cost us in professionalism, and I'd like to make the case that we shouldn't show up to class in tank-tops and torn sweatpants.

ARONSON: Diversify the faculty, actually

On Wednesday, President Peter Salovey announced the creation of a “presidential task force on diversity and inclusion.” The group should begin where Yale is perhaps most deficient: intellectual diversity.

ARONSON: This man and this woman

There is a portion of us, though not a very public one, who besides not living with members of the opposite sex, think it an outright impropriety to do so. There are good reasons for this, and a decent case that Yale should provide these students, a minority with a compelling interest, with special accommodations — including, perhaps, single-sex colleges.

ARONSON: Ich bin kein Oberliner

Last week, Oberlin President Marvin Krislov ’82 LAW ’88 rebuffed student calls for “deconstructing” the oppressive “system” of the small Ohio college. The demands are […]

ARONSON: What should Yalies know?

President Salovey’s email listing changes aimed “toward a better Yale” was silent on Next Yale’s demand for an ethnic studies requirement. But the demand deserves […]

ARONSON: Fight for the Yale we love

I think President Peter Salovey’s recent email announcing changes aimed at “a more inclusive Yale” has bought only a pause in unrest on campus.

ARONSON: The “next” worse Yale

Last Thursday evening, 200 students with the moniker “Next Yale” presented Yale President Peter Salovey with a list of demands. He promised a response sometime […]

ARONSON: Replace wounds with discourse

Yale had a rough week.

ARONSON: Defending Erika Christakis

On Wednesday, Dean Burgwell Howard wrote in an email to Yalies asking them not to “threaten [Yale’s] sense of community” with their Halloween costume choices.

ARONSON: Rethinking requirements

What are distributional requirements getting at? Every Yalie must take two courses in the sciences, two in the humanities and arts and two in the social sciences.

ARONSON: Israel and moral myths

Palestinian terrorists are trying to slaughter Israeli civilians.