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ARONSON: Violent speech is neither

Now we see how dishonest it is to call speech, such as the artwork in Calhoun, violent. In turning expression into a threat to peace and order, it justifies physical violence in response.

ARONSON: I was wrong

I think I was wrong to oppose changing the name of Calhoun College. Let me explain why.

ARONSON: Against emotion

We will not have a college, nor will we deserve one, if the sum desire to suppress the unpopular speech of others overpowers the sum desire of dissenters to speak. Game on.

ARONSON: The Case for Dr. Franklin

No minds seem eager to change on the questions of Calhoun and “master,” so I’ll leave to braver hearts the disputes on the University’s decisions on those (except this one: “laird” is a Scottish title of nobility. Just say this to yourself: “Greetings, freshmen, I am the laird of Berkeley College.” You smiled, right?).

ARONSON: Catch perfect

Forget your “favorite” sport — an actual baseball game is America’s best athletic event.

ARONSON: Thoughts on Gettysburg

I feel a patriotic debt to President Abraham Lincoln, because he saved the Union and purified it of slavery, and also a personal debt, because his speeches, writings and biography have taught me about the methods and ideas proper to American statesmanship.

ARONSON: Once more for country

Yale is an American school, but it doesn’t stress its national ties. Most folks who learn and work here are American, but excepting the mention of “country” in our alma mater, Yalies needn’t encounter their school’s relationship with America in any profound sense while they’re here. How can Yale ask greatness of its students without requiring them to study the country where most will try attaining it? Yale should commit to civic education, serving the Union by preparing its students to do the same in turn.

ARONSON: UC’s Zionist misfire

“Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California,” stated the UC Board of Regents — which oversees the school system — in their report on intolerance, released earlier this month. The public rebuke to anti-Zionism, with its many adherents in the academy and at UC in particular, is certainly welcome. But the regents might have refrained. This is another threat to free speech in the university, and those who think schools need more debate, not less, should oppose it.

ARONSON: The duty to be offended

Many have argued that Silliman Associate Master Erika Christakis should not have sent her famous email last semester because its content and the actions it seemed to downplay offended certain students.

ARONSON: Fossil Free fail

At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood famously spoke to an invisible Barack Obama sitting in a chair about the failures of the president’s administration. At least Fossil Free Yale had cardboard mannequins.

ARONSON: The virtues of a student

To be a student is to seek oneself to seeking knowledge.