Christion Zappley
Staff Producer
Christion Zappley currently serves as the Co-Editor for the Podcast Desk. He was previously a lead producer for the "Full Disclosure" series and created and ran "The Rundown." Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Christion is a Davenport College junior double majoring in English and Comparative Literature with a Film Focus.
Producer Archive
Don’t Worry Darling … It Was All Worth It

There comes a time when social media proves how powerful it truly is by stirring up drama —  whether it be making a recipe viral […]

The Worst Party Imaginable: A Review of “Bodies Bodies Bodies”

It’s nearly impossible to claim that a particular film is generation-defining — particularly our complicated generation. But it is just as difficult to claim that […]

The art of making millions and losing them: the newly popular sub-genre

There is a new genre of television that seems to be taking the world, or better yet the internet, by storm: scamming and failed business […]

Why You Should Watch ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ and Forget the Stress of Tax Season

Taxes…they suck. Although I’m not writing a piece that discusses the nuances of why this country can’t just send its citizens the bill to make […]

Yale Center for British Art hosts Bridget Riley exhibit

“Perceptual Abstraction,” an exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art, explores the boundaries of the most basic elements of art through pieces from Bridget […]

Why You Should Watch ‘The Worst Person In The World’ This Weekend

As the midterm season slowly approaches, you are probably trying to find anything to do with your time but prepare for the onslaught of essays […]

The Rundown E7: On The Basis Of Art

Join producer Bea Soto ’24 as she interviews Lisa Hodermarsky, the head curator for the ‘On The Basis of Art Exhibit’ held at The Yale […]

The Rundown E6: The Rundown’s Award Season Predictions

For the 2022 Spring Semester’s season premiere, join producers Christion Zappley ‘24 and Bea Soto ‘24 as they discuss their predictions for the upcoming Academy […]

Yale in Popular Media

Yale is known for many things: rigorous classes, Ivy League sports, Bow Wow scandals and more! But let’s be honest here, what Yale is most […]

Sophie Henry
Is It Worth Consuming? Thoughts on HBO’s “Euphoria” and Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father”

If you live in the technological age you are aware of two very important people: Zendaya and Hillary Duff. At the beginning of 2022, both […]

Yale Center for British Art loans paintings to alumna’s exhibition

Alumna and former Yale Center for British Art Student Guide Rachel Rose ’09 is exhibiting her newest installation “Enclosure” from Jan. 14 until Feb. 26 at the Gladstone Gallery in New York City.