Join producer Bea Soto ’24 as she interviews Lisa Hodermarsky, the head curator for the ‘On The Basis of Art Exhibit’ held at The Yale University Art Gallery in 2021 celebrating 150 years of women at Yale. In this episode, Bea and Lisa discuss the intent behind the exhibit, some of Lisa’s favorite pieces, Yale’s history, and how Yale is changing.

Producers: Bea Soto ’24, Christion Zappley ’24, Miranda Jeyaretnam ’24
Guest: Lisa Hodermarsky
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Christion Zappley currently serves as a lead producer for the podcast desk. He previously worked for the "Full Disclosure" series and currently runs "The Rundown" series. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Christion is a Davenport College sophomore majoring in English.
Miranda Jeyaretnam is the beat reporter covering the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs and developments at the National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS for the YDN's University desk. She was formerly the opinion editor for the Yale Daily News under the YDN Board of 2022 and wrote as a staff columnist for her opinion column 'Crossing the Aisle' in Spring 2020. From Singapore, she is a sophomore in Pierson College, majoring in English.