Charles Gariepy
Style points: arbitrary and fictitious, but necessary

Fact: Getting points is always more fun then losing them. This applies to points of all types, really: points on an exam, points on the […]

My body parts move quickly. I’m an athlete.

If I talked as fast as a track star ran, would you call me an athlete? Suppose I weighed 5,000 lbs and couldn’t move in […]

Whether they’re called extreme or insane, they’re not for me

  I walked down Wall Street with a friend of mine yesterday evening. As we approached the street corner at College, my friend, who saw […]

If it’s about heat, panting and contortions, it can’t be that bad

Imagine a rectangular room seeping with a damp mist. The inside of the room maintains itself at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The front wall is covered […]

It’s picking season again. Relax, it doesn’t actually matter

Once again, the picking time has come, and not a moment too soon. You can feel it in the air as a warm breeze, folding […]

Forget Cancun and Key West, let’s make ‘SB07’ about getting fit

There was a blizzard on Monday, so it’s hard for me to write the words that will follow. But a little snow has never stopped […]

Nude athletes need some lovin’, too. If you know what I mean…

Anything that can be done clothed would be far more interesting if done in the nude. Let’s look at a particular case: taking notes in […]

Bring on the mountain lodges and snow! Just don’t ask me to ski.

I have been skiing only once in my life. Once. It was during a late 1990s winter on Beech Mountain in North Carolina. They call […]

Wait a second. You mean Terrell Owens actually plays football?

Terrell Owens is my favorite actor — wait, professional football player. Same thing! I love to hear about him so much that I almost bought […]

Where’s the fun? Where’s the controversy? Where’s Diana Ross?

By the time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around each year, the air has already chilled beyond understanding, Mardi Gras celebrations have begun and I begin […]

Can’t play tennis? Neither can I. Let’s ‘talk.’

My suitemate can never get up in time for 10:30 French. But somehow, with a strange and unnatural enthusiasm, he awoke Sunday morning at 4 […]