Charles Gariepy
Snow sinks Saints, but diehards remain true

Held captive in a meeting that lasted all of Sunday afternoon, I missed the 3 p.m. kickoff. After I was released, I gripped my New […]

Lively senior powers rowers

Rachel Jeffers ’07 is one of those rare types you meet once in a while and almost never forget. With her warm voice, charming personality […]

W. soccer rallies for win in R.I.

In 1849, English poet Thomas Babington Macaulay wrote, “The Puritan hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure […]

Offensive woes plague w. soccer

These are the times that try the women’s soccer team’s soul. Winning could have meant weeks more of soccer to come, but losing has cost […]

Unbeaten Lions come to Reese

In the depiction of lion-baiting on the Shield of Achilles, the crowd roots for the bulldog and not for the lion. The same should go […]

Penn, Yale unable to find net

Every team knows that there will be frustrating games, where the final score does not reflect the caliber of a team’s play. But even so, […]

Starr injured, w. soccer stunned, 3-1

As Ithaca gets colder and colder this winter, the Yale women’s soccer team gets further and further from its goal and from where the team […]

W. soccer vies to reclaim Ivy lead

As far as the numbers go, when the Cornell Big Red, loser of nine straight games, is placed side by side with Yale women’s soccer, […]

W. soccer dips to third

It’s bad enough having to spend the weekend in middle-of-nowhere, New Hampshire. But it’s even worse when you come home with nothing but a loss […]

Sailors coast through four events

If Magellan had set his sights on circumnavigating New England rather than the whole world, and had done so this past weekend rather than in […]

Red hot Elis will take on Big Green

As far as campfires go, if it’s too green, it won’t burn. But Yale women’s soccer will look to light up the biggest green of […]