Carlos Salcerio
Staff Reporter
Carlos Salcerio covers the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale School of Nursing for the SciTech desk. Originally from Cuba, he is a prospective pre-medical student majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry in Jonathan Edwards College.
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Yale doctor on the Senate stage: Kasia Lipska’s fight for accessible diabetes solutions

Dr. Kasia Lipska unveils the financial strains patients face in her fight for accessible diabetes and obesity treatments, urging a prescription for change.

Yale scientists look to hearing loss to detect Alzheimer’s early

Yale researchers, led by Dr. Hong-Bo Zhao, are investigating the link between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s in an effort to detect the disease a decade before symptoms arise.

Yale researchers reflect on adolescent bariatric surgery

Following new guidance this year from the American Academy of Pediatrics on treating children with obesity, the News spoke with several researchers and professors about what the change might mean for bariatric surgeries performed on adolescents.

‘A different spirit’ of research: Yale clinic seeks to unravel the mystery of long Covid

At the Yale Multidisciplinary Long Covid Clinic, researchers and clinicians are racing to help patients and uncover the biology behind post-acute syndromes.

Salovey to return to research, updating emotional intelligence test

Salovey and psychologists John Mayer and David Caruso are looking to make their emotional intelligence test shorter and more interactive than previous iterations.

Seven plaintiffs sue Yale over fertility clinic’s alleged drug diversion and patient neglect

Yale's fertility clinic scandal continues to unravel as more plaintiffs claim they suffered excruciating pain due to fentanyl diversion.

Yale awarded $4.5M grant to investigate bipolar disorder

BD² grant enables Yale researchers to explore bipolar disorder's biological roots

Breakthrough medication offers new promise in battling postpartum depression

Yale researchers weigh in on zuranolone, a newly FDA-approved medication for postpartum depression poised to make a significant impact in addressing this often overlooked complication of pregnancy.

Placental examination might be able to explain unaccounted pregnancy losses, Yale researchers say

Yale researchers published a study last month revealing that over 90 percent of unaccounted pregnancy losses can be explained by placental examination.

Blood tests reveal biological markers of long COVID, according to Yale and Mount Sinai study

The study identified hormonal dysfunction, immune system exhaustion and reactivation of dormant viruses as key factors in long COVID everywhere.

New infection and immunity center looks into long COVID-19, chronic Lyme disease

The Yale School of Medicine’s new Center for Infection & Immunity, which launched on Aug. 18, is researching post-acute infection syndromes while encouraging diversity, elevating scientists and incorporating patients as research partners.