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A Predictable Hypocrisy

I scurry along through terminals while dragging my two bags of luggage. I am exhausted. The seven hours of traveling from California and the layover […]

Intern(al) Importance Without External Recognition

For many college students interested in politics, working in Washington, D.C. is almost entirely a dream due to the sheer competitiveness of positions on the […]

Preparing Pre-Frosh

On Saturday, herds of prefrosh will arrive at Yale, marking the start of Bulldog Saturday. For many, this is a time to get a first […]

Spring Break Haven

Classes are back in session. For many Yalies, coming back to campus was a dread. We all relaxed and had time to take care of […]

The DACA Motif

I’ve waited 18 years. The talks of immigration reform on cable news are motifs in my life. “Illegals are taking jobs,” one conservative pundit says. […]


Durfee’s: your best friend when you can’t make it to lunch or simply don’t like the dining hall menus. We’ve all feasted on a swipe […]

Open Sesame!

Doors and gates at Yale often have been subjected to memes and ridicule. Silliman’s incredibly heavy doors. Branford’s gate that is forever locked. But recently, […]

Yale’s Invisible Price Tags

A new semester at Yale has begun. The flocks of Canada Geese are out. People are talking about their trip to Europe or some other […]

Why I Rejected Harvard

Cambridge, Massachusetts: The shitty photocopy of New York City with a plagiarized English place name. The city best symbolized by the assignment you turn in […]

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Ah, it’s fall. Canada Goose jackets are being snobbishly flexed. Suite heaters are being turned on (finally). And the health of Yalies is falling like […]

In the Crossfire

Mexico: my place of birth, but somewhere I never really considered home. Perhaps justifiably so, as I only spent the first six months of my […]