Caleb Dunson
Staff Columnist
Caleb Dunson is a former co-opinion editor and current columnist for the News. Originally from Chicago, Caleb is a senior in Saybrook College majoring in Political Science and Economics. His column "What We Owe," runs monthly and "explores themes of collective responsibility at Yale and beyond." Contact him at
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DUNSON: Blackness and belonging

Just two years ago, I might’ve been killed by one of the University’s police officers, the same ones employed to protect me. Just three years […]

DUNSON: The choices we make

For nearly 250 years we allowed slavery to persist on this continent because it formed the backbone of our economy. During World War II we […]

DUNSON: Conspiracies on Capitol Hill

On Jan. 6, a mass of armed kooks, nuts and conspiracy theorists stormed Capitol Hill while Congress was inside, paraded around vandalizing offices and hallways […]

Reflections on My First Semester at Yale

Author’s note: This piece was written prior to Thanksgiving break 2020. It gets dark early now. At around 4 p.m. the beams of sunlight that […]

DUNSON: What to do when the world is crumbling

I used to love reading dystopian novels in middle school. “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent,” “The Maze Runner,” “Legend,” “The 5th Wave.” Wherever I went, at […]

DUNSON: The emperor has no clothes

Donald Trump has made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims since he entered office. He has thrown temper tantrums, launched verbal assaults and spewed […]

DUNSON: Black lives beyond these walls

To be a Black student at an institution such as Yale is to be perpetually hyperaware of your identity. It is to question how others […]

DUNSON: The YCC is changing, will Yale change with it?

Yale is old, really old. Like older than America old. That the University has managed to remain in existence all this time is a testament […]

DUNSON: Moral mathematics

I’m from the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, a community decimated by decades of discrimination and disinvestment. I became aware of that […]

DUNSON: Yale, radically reimagined

Move-in day wasn’t quite like what I expected it to be when I was admitted to Yale last year. I looked forward to stepping onto […]