Caleb Dunson
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Caleb Dunson is a former co-opinion editor and current columnist for the News. Originally from Chicago, Caleb is a senior in Saybrook College majoring in Political Science and Economics. His column "What We Owe," runs monthly and "explores themes of collective responsibility at Yale and beyond." Contact him at
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DUNSON: Lessons learned

I came to Yale with an Obama-era faith in diversity and the power of Black exceptionalism. At 17 and at the top of my high school class, I believed I was the next iteration of the talented Black student entering an elite space and using his position to make change. I was certain that Yale had offered me a place at its university because it saw that promise in me. My family believed it too. 

DUNSON: On Society

Former Yale Daily News editor-in-chief Rose Horowitch ’23 wrote a piece in The Atlantic recently about Yale’s societies. I think it’s worth discussing. I should […]

DUNSON: A question of value

In January of this year, Jaahnavi Kandula was struck and killed by a Seattle Police Department SUV. Few things have been more chilling to listen […]

Full Disclosure: Ivy Feeders

Two students discuss how their distinct high school experiences prepared them for the academic and social extremes at Yale. Producers: Ashley Choi, Caleb Dunson, Nick […]

DUNSON: What we’ve lost

I remember vividly the day I received my first college acceptance letter. The notification came in an email that I read on a mall bench […]

DUNSON: What’s a spissue for?

When I first arrived on campus, I knew nothing about journalism. I had started writing op-eds only a few months prior, and I was generally […]

DUNSON: American ghosts

This week’s midterm elections were a boon for Democrats. Subverting a tradition in which the party in power loses a significant number of Congressional seats, […]

PROFILE: Daring to Be Seen: How Christopher Betts Reimagines Life Through Art

Betts' shows convey the richness of Black life, undergirded by the belief that being able to see representations of ourselves fills a gap in our identity.

DUNSON: We won’t change anything

Much fanfare was made about the fact that I’d be going to Yale. My family bragged whenever given the chance. My school chose me to […]

DUNSON: More than theory

Every morning, standing behind our desks, our heads held high and our small hands placed over our hearts, my elementary school peers and I chanted […]

DUNSON: Say one thing, do another

When I wrote Abolish Yale, I pissed a lot of people off. One critique stood out to me in particular, though. It was that I, […]