Caleb Dunson
Staff Columnist
Caleb Dunson is a former Opinion Editor and current Opinion Columnist for the News. Originally from Chicago, Caleb is a junior in Saybrook College majoring in Political Science.
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DUNSON: What’s a spissue for?

When I first arrived on campus, I knew nothing about journalism. I had started writing op-eds only a few months prior, and I was generally […]

DUNSON: American ghosts

This week’s midterm elections were a boon for Democrats. Subverting a tradition in which the party in power loses a significant number of Congressional seats, […]

PROFILE: Daring to Be Seen: How Christopher Betts Reimagines Life Through Art

Betts' shows convey the richness of Black life, undergirded by the belief that being able to see representations of ourselves fills a gap in our identity.

DUNSON: We won’t change anything

Much fanfare was made about the fact that I’d be going to Yale. My family bragged whenever given the chance. My school chose me to […]

DUNSON: More than theory

Every morning, standing behind our desks, our heads held high and our small hands placed over our hearts, my elementary school peers and I chanted […]

DUNSON: Say one thing, do another

When I wrote Abolish Yale, I pissed a lot of people off. One critique stood out to me in particular, though. It was that I, […]

DUNSON: Athletes and activism

I was thoroughly annoyed. Why my coach had asked me to watch “13th” –– a documentary about racism in the American carceral system –– when I […]

DUNSON: Affirmative action won’t save us

As a single parent and a city government employee, my mom didn’t have the money to send me to a fancy private school. So my […]

DUNSON: Reckoning with the reckoning

National news outlets presented 2020 as a year of expansive progress on the journey toward racial justice in America, a racial reckoning so to speak. […]

DUNSON: About Dorothy

Dorothy Merritt-Anderson was born in Nettleton, Mississippi in 1923, where she had to pick cotton instead of finishing elementary school. Her father wasn’t around, and […]

Abolish Yale

Because of COVID-19 gathering restrictions, the class of 2024 missed out on our first-year dinner. But to make it up to us, Yale hosted a […]