Bryce Taylor
Taylor: Architectural philosophy

Back in high school, when I was beginning my college search, I made a list of criteria by which to evaluate the schools I visited. […]

Taylor: Neutrality of secular Yale an illusion

Yesterday on this page, Samuel Bagg contrasted Yale’s tolerant present with its intolerant past. He applauded Yale’s transition from an exclusivistic training ground for Christian […]

Taylor: Technology makes ‘slaves’ of humans

Historically, citizens of the United States have been unable to agree on the big questions: how do we live and how do we live well? […]

Abortion debate turns on definition of terms

A recent column (“Right-wing foolish: abortion is necessary” 10/5) criticized the pro-life position by noting its concurrence with unpopular opinions attributed to the American right […]

Anti-theists avoid morality question

Recent years have seen an influx of anti-religious publications in the Western world, as well as a growing audience for such publications. From Richard Dawkins’ […]