Bryce Taylor
Taylor: Stop obsessing, opining

Implicitly, a newspaper endorses the idea that news is worthy of your time, just as an opinion page — again, implicitly — endorses the notion […]

Clever Title – Third Place, Wallace Prize for Fiction

For Herblin. Thanks for all the help, old dog. (And for Cindy…) THE MOUSE IS feisty today,” y’all will have said. The sun will have […]

Taylor: The South is better than the North

When I asked my 14-year-old brother what I should write this column about, he told me to “write about how much better the South is […]

Taylor: We live for the humanities

When the economy falls on hard times, everything comes under a new level of scrutiny. Institutions, practices, and habits must justify themselves on more rigid […]

Taylor: Power and passion

My Latin class was translating a passage about Cato the Elder when the power went out and, with it, the lights. The windows afforded enough […]

Taylor: Feel love tomorrow

In the opening of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” one of my favorite movies, Joel Barish, the main character, wistfully opines that Valentine’s Day […]

Taylor: The good old days

Snow was falling. I was wet and unhappy as I left the bookstore and began the trek back to my dorm. They had refused to […]

Taylor: Let’s read together

Ask a physics major about energy, and you are likely to hear something about a theory of Einstein’s. Ask a political science major, and you […]

Taylor: Christmas now and once before

One would be hard-pressed to invent a scene more beautiful than that of the Christmas nativity. The newborn child, his young mother and her betrothed, […]

Taylor: Love, hate and politics

If you are thinking about submitting a column to this page in which you present gay marriage as a matter of civil rights and equality, […]

Taylor: Better off with requirements

Education, once upon a time, meant the transformation of an inchoate human being into one who fulfills his nature. It involved aligning the passions with […]