Brian Zhang
Staff Reporter
Brian Zhang is Arts editor of the Yale Daily News and the third-year class president at Yale. Previously, he covered student life for the University desk. His writing can also be found in Insider Magazine, The Sacramento Bee, BrainPOP, New York Family and uInterview. Follow @briansnotebook on Instagram for more!
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Old Campus hosts Fall Fest featuring games, live music and food

Yale’s annual autumn celebration returned with culturally-inspired foods and live music from a Connecticut-based rock band.

One More Night at Broadway

POV: You're walking on Broadway.

“Pride and patrimony”: Students celebrate week of Indigenous Peoples’ Day programming

Communities worldwide celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day on Oct. 10; At Yale, related programming is slated to continue throughout the week, with meals, talks and activities celebrating traditions from a variety of Indigenous groups.

As winter approaches, clothing grant remains out of reach for some

The Winter Clothing Grant’s selection process raises eyebrows amongst students about the overall accessibility of financial resources at Yale for first-generation, low-income students.

Yale’s research labs contend with environmental impacts of plastic use

Environmentalists, students and professors say that there is a reason behind heightened single-use plastic consumption in laboratories, but that the sustainability of research practices will remain a critical area to address.

Family Weekend returns in person after COVID-19 hiatus

This year’s Family Weekend will be the first time the event has been held in person since 2019.

Yale’s first Indigenous student body president introduces new programming and goals at the Divinity School

The first Indigenous Student Government President at the Yale Divinity School, Tamara Fore-Ravelo bases her platform around diversity and a fluid definition of divinity.

“It’s an absolute nightmare”: Family of deceased son sues YNHH for neglect

The family of Billy Miller, who passed away from fentanyl overdose after spending seven hours unattended in YNHH, is taking legal action against the hospital on grounds of neglect and miscommunication.

New AP African American Studies course pilots in Hamden School

In August 2022, the College Board announced the Advanced Placement program’s first ever ethnic course in African American Studies. The course has arrived in Hamden and other Connecticut schools are considering following suit.

Yale’s Horse Island through an artist’s lens

Suzanna Zak ART ’19 escaped to Yale’s remote Horse Island for a week of creating art, alone and immersed among nature.

Exchange project takes Connecticut residents on an outdoor treasure hunt for local art

SomethingProjects, a Connecticut-based art program, piloted a treasure hunt that takes residents from one artistic exhibition to another.