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BRYNIARSKI: Subject line bling

Yale students are risk-averse. I get it. You’re taking the nice job in finance because your alternate plan to save the world doesn’t come with tons of travel or healthcare benefits. You make up for it though, because you vote Democrat! Except not for Bernie, because even though you agree with him more, Hillary is more electable. It’s cool. Whatever.

Mad, Mad World

This dinner is inaugurating “MAD at Yale,” a series of seminars and classes beginning this summer that will turn chefs and food professionals into students. The venture is a collaboration between the Yale Sustainable Food Program and MAD, Redzepi’s nonprofit offshoot of Noma that focuses on food and culture in and beyond the kitchen.

BRYNIARSKI: Waging turf war

Los Angeles is a weird place. There’s always traffic. A five-mile ride takes 40 minutes, if you’re lucky. I didn’t even have a car when I lived there this past summer, so it got to the point where I was going on Tinder dates to get rides to other parts of the city.

BRYNIARSKI: Seeing is believing

It happens every year like clockwork. Mid-September rolls around, and my Instagram feed becomes clogged with buckets of Honeycrisp apples and hay bales. Yale students flaunt their flannels and Bean boots in front of a bucolic backdrop of rolling green hills, lush fields and maybe a few cows. Cider abounds.

BRYNIARSKI: Yale’s Coke problem

Some 30 years ago, before most Yale undergrads were born, Coca-Cola and Pepsi engaged in a fierce battle for a place in the American consumer’s chalice.

BRYNIARSKI: First doctor, standing firm

The next time you pop open a bottle of Barefoot, check for a warning.

BRYNIARSKI: Where’s the carnitas?

A lot of Chipotle’s success comes from their offering up what they call “Food with Integrity.”

BRYNIARSKI: On Harvest time

I realized I would never experience the joy of a Harvest trip again.

BRYNIARSKI: When SNAP goes goop

That Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t follow through with her temporary experiment shows how difficult it has to be to face hunger as a reality every day.

BRYNIARSKI: For cultural veganism

It’s important to recognize that it can be hard for our food choices to match up seamlessly with the principles that inform our eating.

BRYNIARSKI: Male seeks matchmaker

Find me a find, catch me a catch.