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Yale Police to train at new range

A new shooting range in Hamden that breaks ground next Thursday will provide opportunities for Yale Police Department officers to practice amid complaints that the department does not offer sufficient resources for training.

Clinton LAW ’73 concedes

They came expecting to see her make history. They left in disbelief.

Clinton’s early years helped mold her political career

“Hillary’s life is really a reflection of coming of age in the 1960s,” said Alan Schechter, a political science professor at Wellesley and former academic advisor to Hillary Clinton LAW ’73. “The key to understanding Hillary in term[s] of why she went to Yale and what she did after Yale is really key to understanding her whole [life].”

Yale labor unions collaborate for gains

Sixty-five patrols and six detectives of the Yale Police Benevolent Association, also known as the Yale police union, were not alone during their information picketing last Wednesday afternoon.

Student hit by bus near Old Campus

A Yale shuttle bus struck a student at the corner of College and Elm streets at approximately 5 p.m. Thursday.

Yale police unions allege unfair negotiations

Chanting “no range, no train,” all 71 members of the Yale Police Benevolent Association, the union that represents many Yale Police Department officers and patrolmen, protested the YPD’s new firearm qualification policy on Wednesday afternoon.

City records reveal details of new colleges’ features

The construction of Benjamin Franklin College and Pauli Murray College marks the most significant addition — both in terms of size and expenses — to Yale’s residential quarters in recent history, city records suggest.

Deniz Saip
Police union disputes new firearm training policy

A revised University provision requiring Yale Police Department officers to undergo annual firearm qualification threatens officers’ job security, members of the Yale Police Benevolent Association say.

Yale, New Haven partner for sustainable transit

To decrease its nine-year carbon footprint, Yale is looking to partner with bus providers, parking facilities and other groups to share services and encourage environmentally-friendly traveling.

ELECTION 2016: 85 percent of students intend to vote

Among campus Democrats, 90.3 percent indicated that they will definitely vote in the presidential race, exceeding the campus average by 5 points. And while two-thirds of students who identify as Republican are slated to vote in the general election, 85.12 percent reported frustration with Donald Trump, the GOP nominee.

Panel discusses Yale, New Haven volunteering

Around 100 members of the Yale and New Haven communities attended “The Ivory Tower in the Elm City,” the first in a series of panel […]