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The Yalie Ep 23: Inside Yale’s presidential search

In this episode, Andre Fa’aoso ’27 is joined by Yale College Council (YCC) President Julian Suh-Toma ’25 to discuss the role of students in the […]

The Yalie Ep 22: What Do the Numbers Mean?

In this episode, Xavier Guaracha ’25 sits down with Evan Gorelick ’25 to discuss a recent faculty report revealing the average Yale College GPA and […]

The Yalie Ep 21: How to Remedy the Physician Gender Pay Gap

In this episode, Andre Fa’aoso ’27 sits down with Erin Hu ’27 to discuss a recent study which researched the gender pay gap among physicians. […]

PODCAST | Does Representation Matter?

Are you a gatekeeper? Why does representation matter? Alyssa Michel ‘24 sits down with Abiba Biao, Rebekah Moore and Markeshia Ricks in order to understand […]

Welcome to the Beauty in Black Resistance special issue!

We are excited to amplify Black voices through profiles, poetry and multimedia.

“We grow community:” How urban agriculture has sprouted in New Haven

Amid the growth of community gardens across the state, urban farmers discussed food apartheid, guerilla gardens and Community Supported Agriculture.

PODCAST | Black Farming: It’s in Our Blood

What does it mean to farm while Black? Alyssa Michel ‘24 discusses urban agriculture with Dishaun Harris, New Haven urban farmer and owner of Root […]

PODCAST | PodIn New Haven: Amplifying Teen Voices

Speaking up is hard, but PodIn makes it easy. Alyssa Michel ‘24 sits down with Janae Branham and Rebekah Moore, two seasoned podcasters paving the […]

The Yalie Ep 18: Vaccinations – A Shot in Both Arms

  In this episode, Anouk Yeh ’26 and Pranet Sharma ’26 interview Jessica Kasamoto GRD ’28 and Alexandra Martinez-Garcia ’26 about why Yalies should get […]

The Yalie Ep 17: Fighting the Yague and SAD

In this episode, Ashley Choi ’26 and Anouk Yeh ’26 interview Gia-Bao Dam ’26 and Alexandra Martinez-Garcia ’26 about how Yale students can defend themselves […]

The Yalie Ep 16: Making Science Courses Accessible

In this episode, Collyn Robinson ’25 interviews Pranava Dhar ’25 and Alex Ye ’25 about the goal of Yale’s distributional requirements, the feasibility of the […]