Aiden Lee
Staff Columnist
Aiden Lee is a staff columnist whose column, "It's Complicated," runs biweekly on Wednesdays. Originally from Arizona, he studies economics.
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LEE: The “Asian American Name”

Among my peers and friends at Yale, only a select few know that I’ve been harboring a secret since the day I arrived on this […]

LEE: The lonely college

In 2018, a survey of over 20,000 individuals found that almost half of Americans reported feeling lonely — 46 percent reported feeling alone, 47 percent […]

LEE: “You’re already a success”

The fight to improve mental health on Yale’s campus has been a long and arduous one — a struggle plagued by immense anguish and pain. […]

LEE: Living at work

It has been a little over a year since we all departed for spring break, oblivious to the never-ending ordeal of remote work that was […]

CHAPMAN & LEE: Belonging in society

It’s that time of year again: society tap.  Throughout our Yale career, there are limited opportunities to find social groups, that is, groups who reliably […]

LEE: Asians in the crosshairs

“Violence against Asian Americans is on the rise.” It is a hard-to-miss headline that has been plastered across news sites, Twitter feeds and Instagram stories […]

LEE: Economics for the people

Change is coming to economic policy in America, or at the very least, to President Biden’s top economic policy body. On Nov. 30, Biden and […]

LEE: Safe, structured lives

Over the summer, did you consider taking a gap semester? Possibly a whole year? If so, you were definitely not alone. At both Harvard and […]

LEE: On “reclaiming” proud boys

“We are #ProudBoys.” If you scrolled through Twitter days after the first presidential debate, you probably came across a tweet along those lines. Or perhaps […]

Y Pop-Up explores questions about food, cooking and dining amid COVID-19

There was one question on everyone’s mind at Y Pop-Up this summer: “Can Y Pop-Up exist this fall?” Y Pop-Up is an undergraduate student-run restaurant […]

YCC and student advocacy groups define collaboration for upcoming year

Following their election to the Yale College Council this past week, President Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Vice President Reilly Johnson ’22 have committed to a […]