Aiden Lee
LEE: Finishing what you start

“A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing.”  Four years ago, in his remarks for my Yale College opening ceremony, President Salovey […]

LEE: The “Asian American Name”

Among my peers and friends at Yale, only a select few know that I’ve been harboring a secret since the day I arrived on this […]

LEE: The lonely college

In 2018, a survey of over 20,000 individuals found that almost half of Americans reported feeling lonely — 46 percent reported feeling alone, 47 percent […]

LEE: “You’re already a success”

The fight to improve mental health on Yale’s campus has been a long and arduous one — a struggle plagued by immense anguish and pain. […]

LEE: Living at work

It has been a little over a year since we all departed for spring break, oblivious to the never-ending ordeal of remote work that was […]

CHAPMAN & LEE: Belonging in society

It’s that time of year again: society tap.  Throughout our Yale career, there are limited opportunities to find social groups, that is, groups who reliably […]

LEE: Asians in the crosshairs

“Violence against Asian Americans is on the rise.” It is a hard-to-miss headline that has been plastered across news sites, Twitter feeds and Instagram stories […]

LEE: Economics for the people

Change is coming to economic policy in America, or at the very least, to President Biden’s top economic policy body. On Nov. 30, Biden and […]

LEE: Safe, structured lives

Over the summer, did you consider taking a gap semester? Possibly a whole year? If so, you were definitely not alone. At both Harvard and […]

LEE: On “reclaiming” proud boys

“We are #ProudBoys.” If you scrolled through Twitter days after the first presidential debate, you probably came across a tweet along those lines. Or perhaps […]

Y Pop-Up explores questions about food, cooking and dining amid COVID-19

There was one question on everyone’s mind at Y Pop-Up this summer: “Can Y Pop-Up exist this fall?” Y Pop-Up is an undergraduate student-run restaurant […]