Aiden Lee
Staff Columnist
Aiden Lee is a staff columnist whose column, "It's Complicated," runs biweekly on Wednesdays. Originally from Arizona, he studies economics.
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YCC and student advocacy groups define collaboration for upcoming year

Following their election to the Yale College Council this past week, President Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Vice President Reilly Johnson ’22 have committed to a […]

Candidates talk health care, YCC structural reform in Tuesday debate

Yale’s COVID-19 health care policies and Yale College Council structural reform took center stage as candidates for YCC president and vice president Candidates debated their […]

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LEE: Our shared humanity

A few days ago, I cautiously emerged from my house to go grocery shopping. For me, it’s a simple yet soothing activity to wander among […]

LEE: Little moments matter

It’s that time of year again — the onslaught of Insomnia Cookies and recruitment season. Yes, the Extracurricular Bazaar may have just ended, but the […]

LEE: Bribery? Not shocking.

On a quiet Tuesday morning, just days after the hustle and bustle of campus life began to slow for spring break, the Massachusetts attorney general […]

LEE: The price of “potential”

Yale College, among most prestigious liberal arts colleges, prides itself on promoting “diversity.” The Yale administration, for one, has heavily promoted statistics regarding the class […]