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MIELE: Just let me write

Latinos are drastically underrepresented on this campus, and it has made me feel incredibly alone over the last three years.

MIELE: Elms and Magnolias

I like to think of Calhoun playing whack-a-mole except with racial oppression.

MIELE: We don’t have to be nice

We need to be better at challenging one another.

MIELE: Our messy lives

At Yale, I’ve never totally shaken the suspicion that everybody else had some special preparation that I didn’t get.

MIELE: Yale is just a place

Last week, I paused my Spotify playlist while I followed two strangers through Cross Campus.

The new new criticism

I came to Yale two and a half years ago with a feeling that I was going to major in English. What made me sure […]

MIELE: Fewer white people in cabins

When the majority of campus publication mastheads consist of white and non-underrepresented minorities, these publications are failing to adequately serve this campus.

MIELE: How to be an a cappella fangirl

We were jittery. And excited. And nervous.

MIELE: I’m still cold

This winter, it’s been too cold to wander.


I met Christian on the first day of high school in our newspaper class. At our public charter school in the Miami suburbs, we were […]

How to Figure it Out

Go to your Norwegian friend’s house surrounded by geese. Sit beside her on the couch. Listen to her stories about Scandinavia. Try to picture the […]