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MIELE: What we taught at Yale

This is my last column for the News. I have a voice. I am here. I have survived this place. I have ferociously loved this school, and it has also broken my heart.

MIELE: Empress of Yale

I want to create a Yale that doesn’t quite exist, but maybe it could.

MIELE: Leave the fourth floor

As a sophomore I thought that Yale's English Department would be my home — instead, it has belittled, frustrated and disappointed me.

MIELE: The Big Three

When I was applying to college, I remember hearing from all sorts of people (counselors, teachers, friends’ parents) that I was lucky to be a minority because that would make it easier to get admitted to an elite school. They were referring to affirmative action, as if to suggest that the decision on whether to admit me would be based solely and explicitly on my ethnicity.

MIELE: On dorms and difference

According to the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, “biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and the ecological and evolutionary processes that sustain it.” In the environmental sciences, biodiversity is heralded as fundamental in sustaining life. Without a variety of environments, geographies and organisms, life could not exist.

MIELE: It gets less worse

I started taking myself seriously as a photographer in ninth grade. My high school photo teacher, Mrs. Cruz, said I had a “good eye,” so I spent most of the summer carrying around my mother’s Canon film SLR from the '90s. I got 10 rolls of film developed and got hooked — whenever I traveled or found myself bored with friends, I had the camera.

MIELE: How to help

When I go to him in distress, which is more often than I’d like, my residential college dean asks, “How can I help?” It’s a simple question, and for a long time, I didn’t know how to answer it. Navigating trauma is a difficult thing, and I can’t ask my dean to single-handedly create a more supportive cultural climate for survivors.

MIELE: What’s next, Yale?

A lot of people have asked Yale student activists: “So, what’s next?” This is an appropriate question, but it’s a difficult one to answer. It’s been […]

MIELE: On working hard

I am a different kind of legacy, and I’m proud of this

MIELE: The wreck of it

My friends and I have gone out more often this year than others, probably because we know that our walks down Elm Street are numbered. There’s something poetic about endings.

MIELE: The brunch problem

On any given weekend, I arrive at a dining hall past noon, usually with leggings and a warm, knit sweater. I swipe my card. Then I count the amount of rapists in the room.