Twenty-four quotations about the Yale Book of Quotations

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” –Francis Bacon, Of Studies   “Dictionary, n. A malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of language and making it hard and inelastic. This dictionary, however, is a most useful work.” –Ambrose Bierce, The Cynic’s Word Book […]


In Limbo

Gourmet Heaven, like the heaven in the sky, means something different for each of its customers. It’s a cheap hot breakfast. It’s 90 varieties of artisanal chocolate. It’s a box of cookies from every country in the European Union. It’s your favorite sandwich. It’s where you go between Toad’s and your bed. It’s caffeine at […]



Cameron Chase, 13, has never been to school. He has never shown up for a state-mandated multiple-choice test, never bubbled in answers, never awaited results to find out where he stands in relation to others his age. He has never sat in September homeroom. He has never felt first-day butterflies while scoping out fellow students, […]


GERTLER: What we can offer

Guest Column

Letters from Sichuan

“There’s a letter here for you, Aaron,” said my mother as I lugged my third suitcase into my freshman dorm. “For me? We just got here!” “See? For you.” She handed me a folded piece of paper with torn edges. The outside was, in fact, marked “For You.” It’s strange to think of Danting Li […]


Black Men’s Union honors women

The Yale Black Men’s Union held its fifth annual Tribute to Black Women Friday night, honoring five notable black women from the Yale and New Haven communities. At the ceremony, which drew roughly 120 people to the Omni Hotel on Temple Street, the Black Men’s Union presented awards to LaTisha Campbell ’12, Diandra Fermin ’12, […]


What If We Agreed To Pretend I Was Qualified?

‘Tis the season. The snow is almost off the ground and most of the freshman fellowships for summer work were due in December. Still, I’d love to go to a fellowship-writing workshop – just not the one on that particular Thursday. Or that Tuesday. Or that Saturday… wait, that’s all of them? Help! I want […]


The Critic Who Played With Fire

Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy” is often boring. At times, it’s also overlong, confusing, improbable and if not butchered in translation, certainly not enlivened by it. But I devoured The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the novels that followed just the same and would recommend them to any friend who asked. The same goes for […]


Coulter coolly lambastes liberals

Ann Coulter, a Fox News commentator and author of eight New York Times bestselling polemics, spoke to the Yale Political Union Tuesday about President Barack Obama’s campaign to “wreck the economy and drive up the unemployment rate.” The conservative pundit spoke to an overflowing crowd in Sudler Hall about her opinions on the dangers of […]


Soundbites: Ann Coulter edition

Love her or hate her, it is impossible to ignore Ann Coulter. She’s made a career out of being a firebrand, and on Tuesday night brought her trademark wit to the Yale Political Union in the debate “Resolved: The Left is Destroying America.” Below are a few of her more quotable moments: “Liberals love mobs […]