Love her or hate her, it is impossible to ignore Ann Coulter. She’s made a career out of being a firebrand, and on Tuesday night brought her trademark wit to the Yale Political Union in the debate “Resolved: The Left is Destroying America.” Below are a few of her more quotable moments:

“Liberals love mobs because they see them as their path to power.”

“I love the argument that illegal immigrants need a path to citizenship. We have a path to citizenship: it’s called legal immigration.”

“War is hell. Americans should not be dying for humanitarian reasons.”

“Our bombs cost more than anything they could possibly hit in Afganistan. We can’t even bomb them back to the Stone Age because they haven’t even gone through it yet.”

“Every single thing that President Obama has done is precisely designed to wreck the economy and drive up the unemployment rate. It’s like he took everything Reagan did right and did exactly the opposite.”

“As long as Obama’s playing golf, he isn’t socializing anything else.”