Spring is upon us. It may have seemed sudden, but the warming signs have been sprouting up between cracks in the pavement and on the fingertips of trees for weeks. Before spring break, crocuses grew in clusters of purple and yellow, bunched together at the base. Now, daffodils have taken their place. The forsythia and magnolias are blooming. I can hear the din emanating from Cross Campus from a block away.

New Haven awakens from its shivering slumber of winter, and the plazas and green spaces on campus are populated with new faces fresh from hibernation. If you want to enjoy spring in the Northeast and escape the menagerie of Beinecke plaza at noon or Cross at 4 p.m., look no further.

I rejoice in spring; I relish in its 60 degree days, and bask in the allergy season air. Aside from smelling the flowers, I’ve compiled a list of springtime activities for you, dear reader, to make the most of this spring.

Go to Wooster Square

In just a few weeks, Wooster Square will be light pink. I went last year in the middle of April; the ground was covered in light pink petals and the trees were laden with flowers. No need to go to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. If you go on a Saturday, make a morning of it and stop by the farmer’s market too; it’s just around the corner. The Jitter Bus is usually there, along with shops for baked goods, fresh flowers and produce and honey. The Cherry Blossom Festival is April 14 from noon to 4:30 p.m., look it up!

Visit another town in Connecticut

I’ve only been to Darien and Mystic, but both were adorable. If New York City is too hectic, the commute there is too long, or you want to get out of a city, try another town on the Metro North Line. Darien is half the distance to Manhattan, but the coffee shops are just as good. Their main street has a cute bookstore and lots of restaurants; Cafe Nero is unbelievably cozy, Flour Water Salt Bread has delicious pastries. Walk around the lake and look at the cute houses.

Mystic is also fun, but more touristy. They seem to be obsessed with ice cream parlors and salt water taffy. Again, go there, go to the Sift Bake Shop and walk around. I’ve also heard talk of a boating museum but have never checked it out. Mystic is an Amtrak ride away, but the tickets are usually $10-15 and you can bring your bike with you if you have one.

Wear a new outfit.

Shorts, skirts, shirts galore. I’ve already stuffed half of my sweaters and winter coats into the dark corner of my closet. Goodbye wool, winter boots, scarves and mittens. Hello florals, pastels, light-wash denim and sneakers.

Go to Edgerton Park

Sure East Rock is nice, but you’ve probably already been there (if you haven’t, do that). Nobody talks about Edgerton Park, East Rock’s neighbor. It’s simple: green grass over a rolling hill, forested paths, a fountain, a swing and a garden store. Go on a weekend and watch the dog-walkers, bring some snacks and make it a picnic, buy a new plant for your suite common room.

My first-year French professor told me Egderton used to be Eli Whitney’s estate, but it was bought by Frederick F. Brewster, and given to the city of New Haven after his and his wife’s death in 1965. The mansion itself was demolished but a few buildings remain.

Learn something new

I recently decided that I want to learn how to do pottery. Trumbull, Pauli Murray, Branford, Hopper and Pierson all have pottery studios.
Take advantage of the warm weather in the final few weeks of the semester, and if you have spring suggestions for me to try, let me know.