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Recommendations for an Early Spring

Spring is upon us. It may have seemed sudden, but the warming signs have been sprouting up between cracks in the pavement and on the […]

Anna Chamberlin
A woman or a woman at Yale?

I don’t lay awake in bed at night thinking about my femininity. I don’t wake up taking score of how I will be perceived by […]

Hairdresser available for hire

On a Wednesday, an hour after the Declan McKenna concert at Toads, I gave my boyfriend a haircut. Declan McKenna had good hair. The trim […]

First-Year sweeties

I think everyone remembers their first night after move-in, unsure of whether to run around old campus with those new friends from your froco group (but you’re so tired), toss and turn in your twin XL bed (can’t sleep), or knock on your suitemate’s door (they seem really nice!). At least that’s how it went for me.

assorted items in college dorm
Tall Ferns

I love the idyllic beauty of childhood. The simplicity of its pleasures: wearing my mom’s shoes that were clearly far too big for me, going […]

Maybe I Shouldn’t Follow My Dreams …

When people tell you to follow your dreams, they clearly mean “follow your ambitions.” I’ve always been someone who has wild dreams, but the thing […]

Perspectives on Social Media

My junior year of high school, I wrote a mock TEDx talk not about quitting social media, but about being angry with my peers for […]

Yale dance groups host open ballet classes at Broadway Rehearsal Loft

Dancers Jeremy Cox and Marc Spielberger teach weekly Saturday ballet classes, nourishing inspiration and dance involvement at Yale.

The Science of Emojis

Do you still use emojis? I do 🙂 And let me tell you, there’s something of an exact science behind what goes into properly curating […]

Witches: The original badasses

Walking home from dance class during October was terrifying as a little kid. I would sprint the whole two blocks home –– running between the […]

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Welcome to Yale. Is it everything you hoped it would be? Does Family Weekend match your expectations of the ceremonious decorum of Yale? […]