Since the murder of Mr. Jiang was first reported over three years ago, the press, including the News, has been reticent to disclose Mr. Pan’s motivation. The only express statement that Mr. Pan was motivated by jealous rage relating to Ms. Perry appears to be an obscure “Newsweek” article published in December 2022. All the other articles I could find online hint at, but do not expressly assert any motive. Neither the Defendant nor the criminal prosecutors have disclosed any motive.

What is the reason that the press has tiptoed around the motivation issue — except for Newsweek — I note that Ms. Perry voluntarily gave an interview to the “New Haven Register” shortly after the murder on the topic of her relationship with Mr. Jiang, so there is no privacy claim to shield her from press attention as to Mr. Pan’s motivation. 

Based on the facts I’ve been able to find, it seems to me that the causal and motivational details surrounding this murder are extremely relevant in today’s culture of violence and racial tensions. The underlying facts of this case are practically sui generis, yet as it has been reported, it’s just another mindless homicide. Your readers should be given the entire story.  

JAMES LUCE is a member of the Yale College class of 1966. Contact him at