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Cornell University and Skidmore College are the newest schools participating in the QuestBridge National College Match program, QuestBridge announced on Thursday afternoon.

Low-income high schoolers can seek early admission to selective colleges through QuestBridge, an organization that offers full scholarships to successful applicants. Students rank the organization’s partner schools in order of preference and commit to attending the top-ranked school with which they match. Now, 52 schools nationwide partner with QuestBridge.

Cornell and Harvard were previously the only two Ivy League schools that were not QuestBridge partners; now, Harvard is the sole member of the eight-school conference to not offer the option to prospective applicants. 

The News could not immediately reach representatives from QuestBridge or the Cornell admissions office.

“We are thrilled to announce our newest college partners, Cornell University and Skidmore College,” QuestBridge wrote on social media around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. “Welcome to QuestBridge!” 

Cornell and Skidmore will welcome their first classes of QuestBridge scholars to campus in 2025.

In the most recent admissions cycle, 2,242 students across the country matched with 50 QuestBridge partner schools. At Yale, 72 students will join the undergraduate class of 2028 next fall as QuestBridge Scholars.

Yale has been a QuestBridge partner since 2007.

Anika Arora Seth contributed reporting.

Josie Reich covers Admissions, Financial Aid & Alumni for the News. Originally from Washington, DC, she is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in American Studies.