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Josie Reich covers Admissions, Financial Aid & Alumni for the News. Originally from Washington, DC, she is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in American Studies.
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Congress drops Salovey from antisemitism hearing

University President Peter Salovey will provide a transcribed interview to Congress, leaving the presidents of Rutgers University and Northwestern University –– where student protest organizers and University administrators have reached agreements –– to give testimony.

Pro-Palestine protests and arrests at Yale: A visual timeline

Pulling from live reporting, the News reconstructed a visual timeline of the turmoil that led to the arrests of 44 students on Beinecke Plaza last Monday.

ANALYSIS: What academic penalties could the 44 arrested student protesters face?

Students arrested for trespassing on the Beinecke Plaza on Monday after days of intense pro-Palestine protests will be investigated by Yale’s disciplinary committee. Reprimand –– the lightest penalty –– appears to be the most likely outcome for them, but probation and suspension are also possible.

After days of unrest, Jewish students express varied feelings about pro-Palestine campus protests

Some Jewish students expressed alarm at the protests calling on Yale to divest from military weapons manufacturers, which they view as antisemitic; others said they support the protests and have themselves been involved in the demonstrations.

Salovey breaks silence on divestment protests in Sunday email

Yale President Peter Salovey said that the University “will pursue disciplinary actions according to its policies,” in reference to the ongoing encampment on Beinecke Plaza. He also wrote that there have been reports of “intimidation and harassment,” which he said Yale police are investigating.

Three student acts cancel performances at Salovey’s celebratory dinner

The event, which celebrated Salovey’s tenure as University President, was held on the eve of the Yale Corporation’s Saturday meeting. Throughout the event, hundreds of student protesters stationed outside demanded that Yale divest from weapons manufacturers.

Student creates Yale-only summer storage company

Charging a $250 flat rate, SummerStore LLC will offer a full moving and storage service to students for the first time this summer.

Legacy students debate their admissions boost

As calls mount in universities and state legislatures across the country to end legacy preference in college admissions, the News spoke with legacy students at Yale about how legacy status affected their application processes and experiences at Yale — and about whether the practice should continue.

Yale students united against legacy preference, disagree on how to eliminate it

As calls to end legacy preference in admissions intensify, some students told the News that Yale should terminate or scale back the practice, while others expressed enthusiasm for a governmental ban.

Parents, students concerned by Yale’s cost as term bill surpasses $90,000

The cost to attend Yale will exceed $90,000 in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Students and parents shared worries with the News about the rising Yale term bill, which is growing faster than inflation.

Yale professors reflect on teaching about Ukraine, Eastern Europe amid war

Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Yale has started offering more courses about Ukraine, and professors across departments have incorporated the country into their teaching.