In response to the article “More majors, less exploration: Seniors reflect on the feasibility of double majoring at Yale” in Thursday’s YDN, I would add a few observations. While not explicitly addressed in the article, would pursuing a double major imply “more is better” and the student becomes more marketable? I can honestly say you may be disappointed. 


Unless a student is preparing to advance into higher levels of graduate and/or professional schooling, we employers are more interested in basic skills that should have been learned long before attending Yale: are you responsible enough to show up on time?; are you able to work collegially with your peers?; can you be given tasks and independent work?; do you possess critical thinking skills and a command of both the written and spoken word? 


One’s specific academic major(s) is secondary, and more commonly serve as a conversation starter during the interview. Enjoy your “shortest gladdest years of life” and leverage your liberal arts education to its fullest while you are able.


J.P. Luján, MD

Yale College ’89

San Diego, CA