Cecilia Lee, Senior Illustrator

How does it feel to be

A cocky crimson fool,

Realizing that all the hype

Veils the truth of your school?

Andrew’s here to 

Reveal what is known:

Down with Harvard, it’s bad to the bone. 


First, thing’s first:

* Crimson * is the worst.

* Bulldog * a real mascot.

Keep that as a thought.

I prefer a cute doggo over

Non-personified red. 

Go figure out a real mascot instead. 


So let’s sit and chat and talk about sports. 

Unlike in mascots, it’s close on the courts

C’mon, even if you might win a few games,

Know that you must put respect on our names:

See our 18 titles in the Hall of Fame.


Yet here we are, rivals forever,

And writing our roasts, feeling oh-so clever.

Look, you’re kinda brash as we talk here and now,

Even in writing, still holier-than-thou.

We Yalies have manners

In the way we talk smack.

Little do you know the content

Lenience made me hold back.


Why charge for parties

In the range of hundreds of bucks?

No fun for free, you capitalist f**ks?


The thing about villains,

Hating you feels too easy.

Elitism at its peak just seems so sleazy.


Greatness attends Yale

And so many come to mind.

Morse, Streep, the Clintons,

Education so refined.


Ever competitive, let’s talk ‘bout your alums,

Arnold, Benedict; Cruz, Ted, those are just some;

Shut up, little Crimson, this argument’s dumb.

I guess you have more, so let’s keep on going

Like Zuckerberg — oh wait!

Yup, he just stopped showing.


But there’s more to the Crimson

Your college color so grand


Allow me to explain why you just seem so bland.


Somehow, your school’s not top one in your town

Crazy, we know the Engineers take you down.

Or maybe BC or BU or Tufts

Running your town, that must feel so rough.

Eventually you’ll find that fifth-best is enough.


Old Harvard, you’re washed, you’re so past your prime.

Forfeit the game, for this is Yale’s time.


3 times a day, we sit down to eat,

7 days a week, we know Harvard’s dead meat.


Time to end this for once and for all.

Out with damn Harvard, no more time to stall.


2 all of the Harvard students not up to the test

4ever Yale triumphs, but keep doing your best.

! Bet the Harvard kids didn’t even realize this was all an acrostic!


Andrew Cramer | andrew.cramer@yale.edu 

Sports Editor at the YDN

Andrew Cramer is a former sports editor, women's basketball beat reporter, and WKND personal columnist at the YDN. He still writes for the WKND and Sports sections. He is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College and is majoring in Ethics, Politics & Economics.